Thinking About Living in Panama?

You Are In The Right

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Deciding to move to Panama is a big step.  You need to consider a wide array of issues.

If you haven’t yet, we recommend that you take our “Should I Move To Panama?” Quiz.

  • It won’t give you a definitive answer.  
  • It won’t ask every question you should consider.
  • But it does give you an overview of the topics and issues you should be considering BEFORE you move down to Panama.

We highly recommend that you not make solid plans to retire to Panama until you have visited the country.

Not only visited by stayed for awhile in the location you think you want to live. Ideally, you would spend time in Panama in both the rainy and in the dry season as well.

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Please let us know why you are, or are are thinking of, living in Panama.
We’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Beverley McAleese :

    Hi Betsy, are there any veterinarians in Puerto or is the closest in David? When we come down there to stay we will be coming with a dog, 2 cats and a small parrot.
    Thanks Beverley

  2. Great site, appreciate all the detailed information. My lady and I currently live in Minneapolis, MN. We are retiring at 55, 7 years from now, but we are actively researching where we want to live. Looking hard at both Loeto and Todas Santos on the Baja side of Mexico, but hearing some great things about Panama. We want to live in a small safe town right on the beach. I also love bass fishing, not sure if this is an option in Panama???? How is the crime rate in Panama VS Mexico??? Any help or suggestions would be great, thank you.

    Joe & Ra Vae

    • Hi Joe and Ra Vae. I’m glad you enjoy our site.
      I’m not sure if there is fresh water bass fishing in Panama. You’ll have to Google it.

      I have no data to support this, but I would say that Panama is definitely safer than Mexico.
      When we made our move south we didn’t even consider Mexico, even though in the past we had spent many wonderful vacations there.
      Even then the news of kidnapping, etc scared us off. The situation has not improved from everything that I have heard.

      Visit both places and see. There are many more small towns on the beach in Mexico than there are in Panama.
      Visit this page for information on small beach towns in Panama.

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