Thinking About Living in Panama?

You Are In The Right

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Deciding to move to Panama is a big step.  You need to consider a wide array of issues.

If you haven’t yet, we recommend that you take our Should I Move To Panama?” Quiz.

  • It won’t give you a definitive answer.  
  • It doesn’t ask every question you should ask yourself.

But the quiz will give you a glimpse at a range of questions. Questions you must answer BEFORE you move down to Panama.

Regardless how you score on the quiz, do NOT move or buy property unless you have visited Panama.

Not only visited, by made an extended stayed.  Ideally, you will spend time in Panama  both in the rainy and in the dry season.


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  1. betsy/reyn just wanted to say hi and i no longer using .I am now using I would like to be put back on your monthly news letter . I was happy to finally meet you, Reyn and family on the playa. You have the best website for Puerto Armuelles Panama . THANKS VICTOR

    • Betsy & Reyn :

      Hi Victor,
      I sent out our newsletter just before I got your updated email address. I will send you a copy later today.

      I am really touched by your compliments about my website. Thanks.
      It was great to meet you too. I hope you are feeling better so you can surf even more.

      See you on the beach. I’m heading over there in about an hour.

      Best wishes.

      P.S. For anyone else whose email changes, the fastest way to make sure you will continue to get our Newsletter is to re-sign-up for the Newsletter right on this site.

  2. Rafael Ramos :

    Iam already retired at Puerto Rico and will like to live at Panamafor a certain time because it is very similar to Puerto Rico and has a lot of nature and beaches available for retired persons.

    • Betsy & Reyn :

      Hi Rafael,
      I like that you sent me a comment in both English and Spanish. I didn’t publish your comment in Spanish because it included your phone number.

      If you are looking to rent a place, my advice is to ask on relevant Panama forums. A good place to find those is on Yahoo Groups.
      I have a few rental options on my site. Go to this page.
      You should also look on-line:
      – Panama Craigslist and

      The best option is to come and look for a place in person. Most rentals are never listed on the internet.
      That is why I recommend asking on the forums. You can get some leads there, however, best is too look around once you are on the ground.

      Thanks for commenting.

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