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Beach Property You Can Afford.

We have a property that fits every budget.

  • 1 delightful lot is only $28K!
  • 5 beautiful properties $50K or under
  • 3 spectacular beachfront sites are less than $116K

 Your 8 Affordable Real Estate Options Are Below.

If you don’t mind a bit of unsolicited advice, please don’t limit your viewing of them  – or of any property – to the Internet.  

If you are seriously interested in a property, come and take a look.
You won’t know if you like it, or the town – or Panama  for that matter – until you see it in person.

Internet searches are great, but they can only take you so far.
Frankly, Panama is not for everyone.  A visit will tell you the truth pretty quick.

But if you are looking for a beautiful, affordable, and relaxing place to live, Panama could be for you.  If you love the beach, Puerto Armuelles is definitely worth a look.

Just outside of Puerto Armuelles is where these excellent properties are located.
Puerto Armuelles is the only true beach town in Panama.
For more info about Puerto and this area, skip down here..

But First, Choose Your Beach Property To Explore!

Site Plan of 8 beach properties in Puerto Armuelles Panama

Live By A Beautiful Beach With A “Heart of Gold”

Parital view of grass yard, bordered by trees, and yellow structure

Relax & Enjoy The Ocean For $29K!

Amazing Bargain At $28,500
– Lot #6


Grass and trees in foreground. Ocean and blue sky in background

Only 70 Meters Stroll To Beach

Enjoy Life By The Beach- Just $48,000
– Lot #5


Through tree you can see the ocean and a girl walking her dog

Just 6 minutes From Town Center

Buy Land In Panama For Only $42,750!
– Lot #7


Blue Ocean and Sky framed by trees

You Can Live A Stone’s Throw From The Beach

Only $41K To Retire in Panama
– Lot #8


Palm tree on the right, blue ocean and sky to the left

25 Short Yards From A Beautiful Beach

Your Own Beach Paradise – Only $50,000
– Lot #4



Spectacular Views

Beachfront, Beachfront, Beachfront! – Only $115,200
– Lot#1


Palm and Nancy Tree at edge of Beach with Ocean and Blue Sky beyond

80 Feet Of Delightful Beach Front

Have The Ocean As Your Front Yard – Only $115,200
– Lot #2




Subtling colored ocean waves and sky - blues and purples

Spacious Property With Huge Views

80 Feet of BeachFront For $127,200
– Lot #3


Watch A Video Of the Properties, Click Here.

About The Corazon de Oro Beach Development

It is not a gated community.Text Box saying we are help you locate a contractor or building resources

This is a tree-lined residential beach development.

Each person who purchases a lot will build their own house.  We are happy to assist you with creating your new home.

Beach Access

There is a permanent 7 meter beach access for all property owners.   It is located between sites number 1 and 2, as indicated on the site plan above.

About Boat Access

If you have a beach vehicle you can drive down onto the beach.  You could also bring your small water craft, such as a Hobie catamaran, down to the beach.  It is not a concrete boat ramp, so larger boats with trailers would not be possible.

Of course, you and your community members could decide to build a ramp.   It would be fairly easy to do given the grade of the beach access point.

The property faces a protected cove.  From January to May, you can anchor your small boat in this bay.  One of the photos below shows local fisherman doing just that. .

About The Area

This property is in the Corazon de Oro neighborhood of Puerto Armuelles, Panama.

Corazon de Oro” literally translates as “Heart of Gold”.

Corazon de Oro is located between the Corazon de Jesus and Pez de Oro neighborhoods. Those names translate as “Heart of Jesus” and “Fish of Gold“, respectively.

For a discussion about Puerto Armuelles being the only true beach town in Panama, Go Here.

Puerto Armuelles, Panama Is An Excellent Place To Live

  • Situated right along the Pacific shoreline.  
  • The town has a real sense of place
  • Built by Chiquita banana in the 1930s-50s
  • 2nd largest town in the popular Chiriqui Province.  
  • Everything you need
    • Beautiful beaches
    • Hospital
    • Grocery stores
    • Hardware stores
    • Schools
    • Churches
    • Parks
    • Surfing
    • Fishing
    • Baseball games
    • Community & More

Puerto Armuelles Is Also Not Far Away From Other Destinations

  • 1 hour and 15 minute drive to David.
    • David is the largest town in Chiriqui, and significantly bigger than Puerto.
    • David has become a shopping mecca for Chiriqui
  • 35 minute drive to the border crossing with Costa Rica
  • 1.5 hour drive to Volcan, 2 hrs to Boquete – and the cool of the mountains.
  • 1 hour drive on the beach brings you to Mono Feliz, where you can feed the monkeys

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Property Details
Price: $28K- $127K
Neighborhood: Corazon de Oro
City: Puerto Armuelles
Province: Chiriqui
Country: Panama
Square Feet (site):
Square Feet (house):
Site Dimensions (Feet):
Beachfront (linear meters):
Beachfront (linear feet):
Reference Name: Corazon de Oro
8 Beach Properties
Additional Photos (click to see larger & scroll thru)

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  1. Timothy Davis :

    What are the financing options available. I was stationed in Panama in the 1990’s and plan on retiring there within the next 10 yrs.