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  • Available with seller-financing option

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Real estate listings below are organized into In-Town or Outskirts-of-Town .

  • All properties are in the wonderful beach town of Puerto Armuelles, Panama
  • 99%  are beachfront or a short stroll to the beach

Outskirts-Of-Town Real Estate

These properties are all within a 10 minute drive of downtown Puerto Armuelles.

“Outskirts-Of-Town” means that these listings are all at least 10 kilometers from the Costa Rica border.  The landmark is the San Bartolo River.  In this area,if you are North of the San Bartolo River, you are at least 10 kilometers from the border.  Therefore, Panama’s 10K rule does not apply.   

Thumbnail of Drawing of Elevation of Proposed Remodel

What This Existing House Could Look Like

Great Corner House By The Beach

  • Short Walk To Beautiful Beach
  • Popular Neighborhood Outside of Town
  • Comes With Architect-designed House Plans

Affordable At $47,500

To Look At The House – Click Here


Green field or site bordered by trees and plantings

Your Dream House Here

Live Steps Away From The Beach

  • Beautiful beach less than 100 yards away
  • Vibrant community
  • Ready for you to build your dream house
  • Out of town, but close to services

A Steal At $33,000

Visit By Clicking Here


fishing boats on a blue ocean

Invest & Make Money In Panama

Investor Grade BeachFront Property

  • 69 meters of beachfront (280 feet)
  • Great views in all directions 
  • Refreshing ocean breezes
  • Ideal site for luxury homes, hotel, boat facilities….

3 Lots: $74K, $52K & $79K

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View of property and big blue sky with trees and ocean in distance

Beautiful Beach & Close To Services

Most Beautiful Beach Properties In Puerto Armuelles

  • Beachfront With 24 Meters Of Beach Each (80′)
  • Most Beautiful Beach in Puerto Armuelles
  • Flat, Level and Gorgeous

Affordably Priced From $127,200 to 28,500

Discover Corazon de Oro Here


VIew of Punta Burica and fishing boat on the ocean

Best Beach In The Area

Your Beautiful Beachfront

  • 80 Feet Of Beach Front (24 meters)
  • Just 6 minutes from DownTown Puerto Armuelles
  • Large Piece Of Prime Panama Real Estate

Worth All Of $115,200
Go Here For The Details



Beautiful beach view with grass on lower edge

5 acres & 660′ of Beautiful Beach Front Property

Must See!  660 Feet of Prime Beach Front

  • 18 to 25 Building Lots
  • Required Internal Road Already Installed
  • Ready to Title
  • Ready for You to Make Money

A Solid Investment At $827,000

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       In-Town Real Estate

View of ocean, blue sky, white clouds, and beachfront lot

Beautiful – Affordable- Yours?

Only $49K For 100 Feet Of BeachFront!

  • 550 sq meter lot
  • Convenient in-town location
  • Flat site ready for you to build your beach home

A Bargain at $49,950

Find Out More Here


View of Green tree tops, blue ocean and blue sky

Affordable, Titled, & Views!

Titled Ocean View Real Estate

  • Exclusive Neighborhood
  • Can Subdivide Into 3 parcels
  • 10 min. Walk From Town Center

Priced At Only $54,000

Click To See Video Tour



Long view of sandy beach, ocean, and land in distance

Killer In-Town Beach

Beautiful Beach Front Gem

  • The property is flat and well-drained
  • 70 feet of beachfront
  • Located in town and near services
  • This lot is adjacent to the Beach Front Home below.
  • Located in a desirable neighborhood

A Bargain At $55,000

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Front facade of golden-colored cement house and porch

House on a Beautiful Beach

Enjoy Life On The Beach

  • Beautiful beach right out your front door
  • Area increasingly popular with expats
  • Just minutes from downtown and services
  • Located in the San Vicente neighborhood

Priced At Only $85,000

Click Here To See It


Cluster of Palm trees, ocean and river view

On A River With Big Ocean Views

Wonderful River & Beach Property

  • Fabulous site on the Corotu River in Puerto Armuelles
  • Great Views of the Ocean
  • Stone’s Throw from the Beach.
  • Across Street from New Luxurious Home

A Sweet Deal At $44,500

Click Here To See It


thumbnail photo of ocean, sky, clouds

Beautiful! Only $19K Each

Very Affordable Beach Front Lot

  • Neighborhood Is Increasingly popular with expats.
  • An expat run restaurant is next door
  • A small expat-run hotel, with pool, is nearby

Only $29,950 for Beachfront  

Click Here To Find Out More


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  1. Is there any oil and gas production in Panama?

  2. Candy & I are making a serious trip to Western Panama in April ’15 to see if this is the place for us. We are lifelong horse people and I am a veterinarian. My question is how hard would it be to practice down there if I still wanted to dabble with horses every so often? ( meaning legalities of licensure to practice etc.)

    • Hi Al & Candy,
      It is very hard to impossible for an ex-pat to get an official sanction to practice as a professional vet (doctor, lawyer, chiropractor…) in Panama.

      Your best bet would be to get a friendly nations visa.
      That makes it much easier to get a work permit.
      It could be that regulations for professionals will loosen up
      in the future, or there may be a niche you could fill that does
      not require a license.

      I hope you enjoy your explorations.
      If you make it to Puerto, please give us a shout.

  3. Patricia Higgins :

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My husband and I live in the U.K. and are thinking of migrating to Panama.
    Can you tell me what price and condition/amenities the homes for sale are likely to have?
    If we do decide to move there, what visa’s etc are needed? We would be cash buyers and our top price would be £45,000 to £50,000. Maybe a little more if we really liked the property.



    • Hi Pat,

      It sounds like you are at the beginnning stages of your research.
      What I tell everyone is to visit Panama and see if you like it.
      Many of your questions will be answered simply by visiting.

      If you poke around my site and ask google, many of your other questions
      will be answered.

      Best wishes.

  4. Margaret Farr :

    Thank you for the updates. I am glad you are back. I have missed your newsletter. I thought I was “kicked off the mailing list for some reason”. I hope everything is OK in Seattle for you.
    Margaret Farr

    • Betsy & Reyn :

      Hi Margaret,

      Thanks alot. It is good to hear it was missed.
      Everything seems to be going well in Seattle now.
      We are all happy to be back in Puerto Armuelles.

      Best wishes.

  5. George Knaskov :

    I am retired, living in Dominican Republic, working on my pensionado visa. Every time I get to real estate property is always for sale. I live on a comfortable pension and at my age (73) i have no intention to purchase. I want to rent a small comfortable apartment, and can not find any. Can you help with contacts

    • Betsy & Reyn :

      Hi George, The best way to find rentals is to ask on the relevant forums and look on sites such as craigslist and encuentra24.
      It is an excellent idea to rent.

  6. Marc Stevenson :

    Hi Betsy,
    Just a note, and please don’t bother publishing this.
    When you have a “Printable Version” please think about the ink saturation. Making something look pretty online is admirable and cool. But having a colored background for printing just soaks the page with ink for no reason.
    This is my first time on your site. And this isn’t a huge concern. An extra 50 cents or a dollar in ink isn’t going to break the bank. But often I am faced with the option of printing or no printing, according to the color of the “background” used. There are so many businesses in Panama that use massive color schemes on their billings and printouts, that it’s almost like they don’t WANT us to print them out! LOL.
    Many companies have gone the route of “Printable Versions” that don’t use 4 color photos or colored backgrounds.
    Anyway, the value of your research far outweighs the cost of printing. Keep up the good work.

    • Betsy & Reyn :

      Thanks Marc.

      I never think about people trying to print items from my site.
      One option is to copy it into text edit (make) or notepad (PC) and then convert it into plain text.
      Then you can print it without any fancy fonts or colors.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Do you sponsor or know of any tours in the area of the Azuero peninsula? We are looking to visit this summer. We would like to see what is for sale and/or rent to get a flavor of the area.

    • Hi Laura,
      I don’t know anything about tours of the Azuero. It is a great place though. The beaches around Tonesi are some of the most beautiful that I have ever seen.

  8. Can you give me a cost per sq ft for building a new house?

  9. Ben den Holder :

    Do you have property higher up in the mountains (which altitude approx.?) and how far from town and beach?

    • Hi again Ben,

      There is property in the hills around Puerto Armuelles for sale.

      The distance from town and beach vary, but nothing very far. You could be anything from 10 minutes to 30 minutes from town and beach. I don’t know the altitude off the top of my head. It is cooler up there, particularly at night.

      The hill property we own personally is being sold as I write. However, if you are interested in hill property we can hook you up.

  10. Do you know of any rental properties in the area? We currently live in Boquete, but are wanting to relocate.

    • Hi Angela,
      I do know of some rental properties. But they can be hard to find. In fact I am going out to visit a place today. I saw that you posted your request on the Puerto Armuelles yahoo group. That is a good idea. I always recommend that people looking for rental do one or all of the following:

      1) visit our rental page at
      2) Ask on the various panama-related Yahoo groups
      3) Look on Craigslist
      4) Stay in a hotel or a short-term rental and start looking for a rental.

      Many people with rental are reluctant to list them on the internet. So the only way to find them is to ask more directly.
      Most people with rentals here don’t visit forums. The only way to find out about them is to ask around.

      If you haven’t found a rental yet, let me know. I can send you more info.

  11. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite certain
    I will learn lots of new stuff right here!

    Best of luck for the next!