Where to Live in Panama

Where to Live in Panama: Mountain vs. Beach

This information may help you decide whether you want to live in the Mountains or at the Beach in Panama

Where to live in Panama

Mts are Cooler & Rainer (photo:Boquete)

Mountains of Panama

In Panama, temperature is greatly influenced by elevation.

The higher you go, the cooler it gets.  

It never ever gets cold enough for snow.  However in places like Cerra Punta, in Chiriqui, it is not unusual for a house to include a fire place.

One thing that usually comes with elevation is more rain.  

For instance, in Boquete it rains every afternoon- lightly, but persistently.  They even have a name for this persistent rain:  bajareque.  Boquete is also windy in the dry season (December – April).

Some people like this regular rain.  It definitely creates a lush landscape and makes gardening a dream job.

However, it also makes it very difficult to keep things dry and one is constantly battling mold.

Where to live in Panama

Warm & Sunny @ the Beach

Beaches in Panama

At beach level the weather is warmer and sunnier.

At or near the beach you can enjoy the refreshing breezes off the water.

The rain falls mostly during the rainy season and hardly at all in the dry season.

(see Panama Weather  for more on the dry vs. rainy season.)

TIP:  There are alot of microclimates in Panama, and that microclimate can change during the year.    You should visit and talk to the people that live there in order to fully understand the weather you are going to live with.  


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